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How it Works

How it works

  • Our visionary smart garments combine three elements to monitor and record body-data with lab accuracy from the moment you get dressed: patented softsensors integrated into our cutting-edge smart garments, our patented SmartLife Brain, and a user-friendly app.

    By accurately measuring the body’s electrical signals, and with an inbuilt accelerometer to track activity, SmartLife can give you detailed feedback (including heart rate, respiratory rate and calories burned), so you never have to guess what your body is doing. Know when you are working to your max, or when you can push a little further.

  • Discrete, patented sensors are integrated into high-performance smart sports garments to deliver lab-accurate information without compromising your movement.

  • Captures real-time data and instantly sends it via Bluetooth to your favourite device, where it is transmitted to the Cloud from our app. The Brain is inter-compatible with all our smart garments. One product serves all your training needs. 

  • Specifically designed to display data exactly as you want it, in real-time or when you're ready to crunch the numbers, on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Accurate: Micro electrical signals capture laboratory quality data accurately, eliminating doubt and guesswork.

    Capable: Patented intelligent technology delivers rapid analysis, helping you exceed your health, wellness and sports performance goals.

    Comfortable: Unique patented softsensors are sewn directly into our close fitting smart garments leaving you free to move through your full range of motion.

    Versatile: Performs in all environments from the safety of indoors to extreme outdoors and can monitor one person or a team of athletes. 

About SmartLife

SmartLife specialises in bringing uncompromisingly accurate wearable technology to the sport, wellbeing, medical and business markets.

We are a team of academics, sports scientists and tech innovators based in the UK who got together to push the boundaries of intelligent clothing and wearable technologies. In a crowded marketplace, we knew there was more that could be achieved for the end-user when it comes to innovative wearable technology.  With more data and better usability, our customers can achieve greater accuracy and better results.

In 2002, the University of Manchester’s Biomedical Engineering Department and the Textile Department of UMIST joined forces and the SmartLife story began.

Our product trials and development have attracted the participation of well known brands and establishments including UMIST, St Mary’s University, Smith and Nephew and Unilever, and our R&D projects have been backed by the Technology Strategy Board and Manchester City Council’s Corridor Growth Fund.  From the start, our prototypes were developed with the help of experienced garment technologists at Courtaulds Textiles and Sally Cowen Ltd.

SmartLife advanced wearable technology is the seamless interface between the human body and cloud computing. SmartLife can capture ECG and heart rate with the potential to measure respiration, temperature, EMG, EEG, EOG and galvanic skin response (sweat and emotion).

We are serious about innovating with vision and passion. We know data capture is important to you. It's important to us, too.


  • Wellbeing Advocates
  • Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Ambitious Amateur
  • Elite Performance

Wellbeing Advocates

  • SmartLife is an all-in-one wearable solution that is intuitive, quick and simple to use. Never miss a beat, keep tabs on your activity levels and calories burned to make informed choices about your fitness level and lifestyle every single day.

    Accurate: SmartLife garments and apps capture real time feedback more accurately than other monitoring devices, leaving you in no doubt about your data.
    Seamless: Our patented softsensors are integral to your clothing, so you can carry on living your life without complication.
    User-friendly: The garments, Brain and app are simple to use, recording your stats automatically and constantly so they are ready for you to have fun with whenever you want.
    Versatile: From the gym or the pool, to the park and garden, there's no limit to SmartLife's capabilities. It will be with you every day.

Fitness Enthusiasts

  • SmartLife is the smartest but simplest data capture solution you could hope to find.  You can choose to use it just for your exercise activity and training sessions or build it into your everyday life. SmartLife has been designed to capture accurate body data to monitor your activity, heart rate, breathing rate, calories burnt and health. It's the all-in-one intelligent clothing solution which puts your personal data at your fingertips and means you never miss a beat.

    Sophisticated: SmartLife technology gives you elite standard data and analysis tools.
    Accessible: The app is easy to use and quick to access, pooling all your data in one place and in real time.
    Flexible: Whether you're training for sport, taking part in exercise, or just going about your day, SmartLife will be with you.
    Comfortable: Because our sensors are woven into high-end performance fabrics, you'll forget you're wearing smart clothing, gaining not only from the performance of the clothing but also the data collected from SmartLife.

Ambitious Amateur

  • Designed with individuals and teams in mind, SmartLife is the ultimate smart garment for people who need to track, monitor and assess their performance markers.  SmartLife's sensors are integrated into performance garments so they capture data without interrupting your training or recovery. Using the easy, detailed app, you have real-time feedback on your heart rate, respiratory rate and calorie consumption so you can monitor progress against your targets, and make informed decisions about how to enhance your training.  Never miss a beat, invest in elite-level technology and discover how SmartLife's detailed on-body data capture puts athletes ahead of the pack.

    Innovating: SmartLife is serious about enabling the very latest in sports science engineering and give you the latest performance-boosting technology.
    Motivating: The incredible amount of data delivered by SmartLife's intelligent clothing softsensors will add a new dimension of activity and performance accountability to encourage greater wearer involvement.
    Tracking: SmartLife is with you during training, competition, recovery and rest.  Chart your progress, drill down into meaningful data, and assess every data point that affects your performance.
    Monitoring: You or your coach can analyse individual or team performance in real-time or post-event. 

Elite Performance

  • At elite level, there's no room for error, 1% can make a huge difference.  We understand that you simply cannot compromise on the quality and accuracy of the tools and kit you choose to partner with. You can trust SmartLife to use only cutting-edge technology which gathers the most comprehensive set of body data at unrivalled accuracy levels.  SmartLife puts real time data in your hands so you can scrutinise it, monitor it, and make informed decisions about the future of your athletes' training.  Never miss a beat.

    Monitor: Athlete body data is monitored in real-time during training, racing and competing so responsive decisions can be made by coaching staff there and then.
    Track: Remote monitoring options mean coaches, team medics and other staff can track athlete heart rate, health and performance data.
    Trust: Our technology captures and delivers intelligent data with an unparalleled level of accuracy equal to that of scientific laboratory data.
    Endure: SmartLife is tough, withstanding even the most extreme environments with no compromise to data accuracy.


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